skateboarding is life

About two weeks ago I decided I’m gonna go back to doing some skating this summer. By all accounts I’m … More

summer skating '09

I finally started going out and skating about three weeks ago.  I’m glad, too, because I’m totally having the time … More

skating in winter

For some reason or another, skateboarding has been on my mind a lot more recently, and I’m really starting to … More

fairmont park

I got up early today and went to the park to go skating.  It’s always fun to go early because … More

skating in the park

I took this last night with my cell phone while I was at Liberty Park skating. I was getting tired … More

good skating session

The weather today has been absolutely amazing, considering it’s November, and since I was at home all day (problems going … More

ast dew tour

I got to go to the AST Dew Tour today here in Salt Lake City. I’ve never been to one … More


I’ve been putting off writing this post, but I can’t stand it any longer. In my brief vacation from computers … More