studying isaiah

I’m still reading (well, re-reading) and studying the Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament (King James Version, for the … More

the book of isaiah

I bought a second set of new scriptures a few months ago, because I’ve been wanting to do a new … More

the sabbath

It has, for some reason, recently been a thread of thought for me wondering about the implications of some of … More

the imperfect relationship

I had a really interesting thought tonight, and I thought I should write about it, despite it being something pretty … More

to each his own

I thought of, perhaps, one way I can get my religious views across … instead of just focusing on doctrine … More

religion in general

Our church’s General Conference was this weekend (a semi-annual worldwide broadcast where the leaders have five two-hour sessions of talks, … More way behind

This is a public flogging since I’m so behind. I’m moving today to another host, and I’m going through … More