wrapper script for disc_id

I wrote a little wrapper script for disc_id tonight, available here. disc_id is a little binary that ships with libdvdread, … More

playlist resume

I wrote about this a little bit a while back, wrt mplayer-resume, that I wanted to work on a way … More

bend, drip, mythvideo

Here’s something I haven’t written about in a long time — bend, my custom written CLI PHP5 scripts to rip … More


A bug in MythVideo inspired me to work on fixing mplayer-resume tonight, so that it can properly handle movies with … More

preparing for dts

Now that I’ve got my mythbox all setup properly (I screwed up LVM2 and lost all my data, twice, trying … More

dvd ripping scripts

I was lucky enough to catch Martin’s post on Planet Larry today about undvd, a script he’s working on — … More