good night and good luck

I got a chance to watch this movie again last night, and it is great.  If you haven’t seen the film, make it a point to.

I’m horrible at writing eloquent reviews, so I’ll just sum it up and say it’s a great flick.  It covers the story of some CBS reporters going straight after McCarthy in the 1950s as he was destroying peoples lives by accusing them of being Communists during the Red Scare.  What’s really cool is how there are so many parallels to what was going on then to what is going on today with terrorism.

One of the best quotes, “How can we defend freedom abroad when we abandon it at home?”

Good stuff.  Watch it.


Man, I almost forgot! Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is playing on the big screen tomorrow night, at midnight, at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake.

I love watching movies on the big screen … especially when they are classics rolled again. I’ve seen such great stuff as “Watcher in the Woods,” “Superman,” “White Christmas,” and “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” all on the big screen. You just can’t pass up an experience like that. I know there’s a lot more, I just can’t remember them right now.

So, if anyone else goes, just look for me … I’ll be wearing my Starfleet Academy t-shirt. :D

swiss family robinson

Sometimes I turn on my TV just to have some background noise going on. This morning I settled on the Hallmark Channel. They were running some kind of show about some people on deserted islands that was kind of boring. It seemed to me like the cast was made up more of models than actors that can genuniely evoke emotion.

But right after that, Walt Disney’s classic Swiss Family Robinson was on. I really like that movie, but I haven’t seen it all the way through until today. About 10 minutes into it, I remembered I had it on DVD, and so I popped it in and watched it in glorious widescreen (scope, even).

The movie is comfortably long (a little over 2 hours) and entertaining all the way. They briefly cover in the beginning how they got shipwrecked (and not very well, I thought … I should read the book sometime) and soon they are moving to the island and making a new life there. Great movie, good stuff. I love the classics.

the physics of superman

Wired Magazine has a pretty interesting interview with the director of the new Superman movie coming out.

The last question is classic — it just shows me this guy knows what he’s doing, and why X-Men and X-Men 2 didn’t suck (he directed those, too).

What about the quandary in the first Superman movie when he flies around and around Earth, spinning the planet backward and turning back time? It’s always been strange to me that all of a sudden he can fly so much faster.

Yeah, well, that’s a moment when the death of Lois Lane stimulates him to do the unthinkable, to fly faster than he’s supposed to. That had a romantic logic, but in my opinion, it broke several rules. After all, the idea that flying around the Earth would cause time to go backward, when really if you stop the planet that would just basically cause everyone on Earth to fly off. We don’t have anything quite like that in this film.

that good movie buzz

I just saw one of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen — The Escape Artist. I’ve never seen a story quite like that before, it was amazing. And the acting was absolutely superb.  That kid just stole the show, he is so grown up at such a young age. Great stuff. I love how watching a new, great movie totally leaves you with that cool feeling of “wow”. Netflix has been pretty good to me, that’s the third really good movie I’ve seen from them recently.

I actually found out about this flick from the soundtrack, first. Percepto Records puts these old, unreleased great scores on CD and sells them. Most of the movies in their catalog I’ve never even heard of before, but it usually stands to reason that if it’s worth going through the trouble to get the soundtrack released, then the movie is worth watching. I don’t remember how I saw it on Percepto, but I checked out the reviews, and they seemed positive, so I got the movie. I’m glad I did. I’ve already bought the score, too.

Man, I love good movies. It gives me hope knowing there are some really good ones out there that I’ve never heard of before, and I can discover them for the first time. What a feeling. It’s a buzz. :)

movies, movies, movies!

I setup my DVD collection page again so I can remember which ones I don’t have yet. :) Feel free to comment on my taste in movies (or lack, thereof). Or if are tastes are similar, add me to your Netflix friends list. I’m always looking for something cool I may have somehow missed.

I’m an absolute movie fanatic, it’s worth noting. My favorite job always has been and probably always will be working in the movie theater, which I did for a number of years.

Of interesting note, though is that Tower Theater is going to have a midnight showing of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in August. I just found out today, but figured it was worth mentioning for you married types that need to get permission to do something 853 years in advance. Ahh, single life is great. Except for the TV dinners.