c in the land of dvds

So, I started learning C lately, and my life satisfaction has gone way up. ┬áIn retrospect, I started thinking about … More

giving thanks

Something I find interesting lately, is that with the Playstation 3 coming out, I haven’t seen hardly any positive press … More

ivtv-0.8.1 released

Just another quick Gentoo public service announcement. Hans released a new version of ivtv, v0.8.1, and this comes with a … More


I wrote my first real (more than 3 lines) bash script at work today. It isn’t that complex, but I … More


There are some things I don’t want to be doing at 11:13 at night when I’m tired and cranky and … More

tv tuners

I haven’t been able to sleep tonight, and one thing that’s been keeping me up tonight is that the AV … More


My server has been going slightly slower than I’d like lately when it comes to serving up HTTP requests. Sometimes … More