I don’t know about anyone else, but everytime I want to go Planet Larry, I still type in, even though I ditched the domain a few months ago.

Well, I got tired of it not working, so I re-registered it, and it redirects once again as normal.

Also, we can always use more bloggers — if you have a Gentoo blog, lemme know about it, and we’ll get you added.  It’s a very informal process, just send me an email with your blog URL and stuff.  Now that I think about it, I really need to catch up with all the new Gentoo devs and get them on Planet Gentoo as well. Slack…

Finally, I decided I’m going to create a feed specifically for ex-developers, but since I’m too lazy to go out and find their blogs (and I don’t think I still have an old copy), if you guys could send me your info, that would greatly help to speed things along. Update: It’s too much work to create a separate feed, so I just put them back in the main feeds. Now, behave. :)

And here’s an image just because this blog post is so boring, it needs one.

planet larry: maintenance cleanup

I’m still getting overdue stuff taking care of, this time in Planet Larry. I’ve finally cleaned up the scripts and the configs to make it much, much simpler to debug and run the update process. Not only that, now it runs about 15 times faster (under one minute, actually).

Something interesting I realized the other day is that Universe gets about 5% of the traffic that Planet does. As a result, I changed it from updating twice an hour to once every 2 hours. Planet, on the other hand, I changed it from twice an hour to every fifteen minutes, and I might make it update even more frequently than that.

Anyway, all that’s changed is a bunch of boring backend stuff, which was some much needed cleanup that I’ve been putting off for a very, very long time. The fact that planet has been a maintenance nightmare is what has mostly kept me from dragging my feet on getting anything done, but now that that headache is gone, I feel hugely relieved.

There’s still more stuff to do, but I think I’m over the worst of it. What I’d like most is to work on next is getting the actual frontend cleaned up, and get a new design. That’s not really my thing, so if someone can help out, that’d be much appreciated.

planet, packages: small bugfixes

I took a few minutes today and cleaned up a few small bugs on Planet Larry and friends.

One thing I get asked for every now and then is if I have archives of past posts. Well, I do now. I just copy the HTML file of the last post to $date one each run. A simple and unelegant solution. I’ll be doing the same thing for Planet Gentoo soon.

Also, fixed the FeedBurner link on the main page — I didn’t even realize it was broken. While I was at it, I created one for Universe as well.

On the packages website, I finally fixed it so you can search against just packages again. That’s been annoying me for a while. By default the search is way too wide, I think. It will search the full atom, the package description and the package name. I have to do the package name twice because of regular expressions (starting with, ending with, exact matches, etc.). And there’s still no simple way to search for packages containing multiple words, which is also an annoying little bug. Advanced searches for GPNL and Packages has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but have been putting off since I started the projects. Sheesh. Every time I sit down and start to poke at it, though, I realize just how big a beast it is, based on what I’d like to accomplish. I really need something for the interim, though.

Anyway, I better quit before this post gets any more boring. One last thing — we can use more users who are Gentoo users and have a blog on Planet Larry. Just drop me an e-mail and I’ll get you setup.

planet larry policy update

I’ve made an awkward and difficult decision that I hope doesn’t make anyone feel bad: effective immediately I’ve removed any feeds from Planet Larry / Larry the Universe that were from developers who have retired from the Gentoo project.

I setup the planet feeds mainly so that regular users of Gentoo Linux could talk about and share their experiences, and I want to get back to keeping it with them primarily in mind. I tend to think that ex-developers have more weight with their posts, which tends to cause some unbalance that I was never comfortable with.

Speaking of users, I am always looking for new bloggers to get added, so if you are a Gentoo user who blogs about computer experiences, be sure to sign up.

That’s all for now.

Edit: I originally took this post down, and am now restoring it. I still haven’t decided if this is a permanent change or not. I might create a planet just for ex-developers, or reintegrate them somehow. I dunno. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I’ve just updated my apache config, and and now have a permanent redirect to

There’s no need to update your RSS readers if it handles redirects okay, but eventually the content for the main domain name will change — not anytime soon, though, that’s for sure, I have zero plans right now. Even when I do change to something else, I’ll still have the RSS feeds redirect so as not to break anyone’s feed.

Anyway, you’ll see why I’m moving to a subdomain here in a day or so.

Edit: More spring cleaning, now Universe has its own subdomain as well:

planet larry complete reboot

The time has come to make some major changes to Planet Larry, to keep things simplified and make life easier on Alex and I as well. Lots of stuff has changed, and here’s the summary:

There are now only two planet feeds, similiar to Planet Gentoo / Gentoo Universe, we have Planet Larry and a Universe feed as well. I’m using Planet Venus’ filter option with a simple regular expression to filter out only certain topics to the planet. That means that the main planet will be mostly computer related stuff. The Universe feed remains the same as before, and pulls in everything.

The second thing that’s happened is I’m dropping support of any languages other than English. Sorry to all the non-English blogging participants, but the thinking was this — I only speak English (and Spanish), so for me to support other languages is not a reasonable expectation. Also, it’s incredibly easy to setup your own planet feed, so if some Gentoo users want to get together and make their own feed, then go right ahead. Even the most popular non-English feed was getting about 5% of the hits that the main feeds were, so it’s not worth the effort to keep it up. I’m also going to stop including feeds that are *only* non-English (again, sorry), since frankly, I have no idea what they are saying, and again it’s gonna be easier to start your own. If you speak English and another language, that of course is fine. The filters for the Planet feed will probably kill most non-English posts anyway. If someone is really really interested in keeping theirs alive, then contact me and we can work out a way to manage it yourself.

Now, as far as the filtering on Planet / Universe, right now it’s really simple. In fact, the exact expression is this: “filter = [Ll]inux|[Gg]entoo|[Cc]omputer|emerge|portage”. It sucks, I know, because I’m not even doing case insenstive matches. I just need to read the docs some more or figure out how to hack the source code a bit to figure out how to get it working so I can add that. Also, that filter isn’t set in stone … I’ll be adding more keywords as I see them commonly cropping up. And of course you can subscribe to the Universe feed if you like instead, and get everything unfiltered.

Alternatively, and this is really cool, I can change the regexp filter for each planet feed. So if you want your filter to be more permissive (or restrictive), then just let me know.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone enjoys the new changes. I already like the Planet feed’s “on-topic” style already, myself. Feedback is always welcome though. I get about 3 comments a year, so don’t be shy.

 Update: I’ve expanded the regexp quite a bit, and at the same time cleared out a lot of dead blogs and links.  So you should be seeing more content and less deadbeats. :)

rss and atom

I’ve been having problems with the cache of the RSS 2 feeds, and in an attempt to clean up config files, broke it completely. Whoops. As a matter of record, though, I think that I would recommend the Atom feed above the RSS ones, after doing a little reading on the two. Personally, I’d like to ditch RSS 2 completely, especially if the issues persist (which I can’t really explain too well, and it might just be a problem with my reader — anyone else having problems?), but we’ll see what happens.

I should probably elaborate what’s happening.  Using liferea, with the RSS 2.0 feed for Planet Larry, the posts from ~5 days ago always refresh as “new” posts.  It’s really odd,  especially since it’s the only one of all my feeds that does it, and of all the ones on Planet Larry, it’s just the RSS 2 one that is doing it.  The Atom one is fine.  Who knows.  It could just be a bug.