another semester done

I just finished my Fall semester for 2012 today at UVU.  This was, by far, the hardest semester I’ve ever had since I’ve been in school.  It was brutal.  I had three classes which carried with it more work than I was expecting, and I spent a lot of time in the past four months doing nothing but homework.  I was talking to my cousin tonight about it (while we were doing some late-night skateboarding in the winter, which, it’s actually really nice out here right now), and I mentioned that the stress was a huge burden on me.  Stress is normal, but I’ve learned that if something heavy is really going on, I notice I will stop being cheery.  I don’t really get somber, but it’s more like, just focused and serious all the time.  Which can be a real bummer.

But, the semester is finished, and it’s freed up a lot of time and has taken that huge burden off of me.  I got good grades, and along with that, and some great friends that really stepped up at the last minute and helped me out, it’s really gotten me humbled and grateful to God and everyone that stood by me.  I’m really glad this semester is done.

One thing I learned from this last jaunt around is that I’ve decided I’m never taking online classes again.  I had two this semester, and one on campus.  Looking back, I’ve always had a range of issues with online courses.  Either I don’t understand the material very well because I can’t chat with the professor one on one, or I slack the whole time (I did 50% of the coursework in one day.  I’m not kidding).  The worst one though is I never really feel like I “get” the material.  I jump through hoops, get a grade, and move on, but it doesn’t seem like I learned anything.

So, I’m sticking to just two classes from here on out, and doing them all on-campus.  That’ll be manageable.

For now I’m really looking forward to not so much having more time, but having less stress.  I’ve been wanting to work on some cool side projects, and I also have been itching to go skating … a lot.  So tonight I went on a two-hour run with my cousin down Main Street in Bountiful, and it was really cool.  We call it a “mort run” since we start at the top of a hill and go all the way down to the mortuary.  It’s smooth all the way down and  you can just push around and then either skate back up hill or walk.  It’s a good workout.

The best part tonight though was debating whether or not we should go to the drive-through at Del Taco, knock on the window and ask for something.  We didn’t, but we circled the place like eight times and probably freaked out the employees while we debated it.  Eventually, we realized he didn’t have enough cash to buy something on the dollar menu (he was a penny short), so we spent half an hour wandering around downtown looking for lost change.  It was pretty fun. :)

Soooooooooooo ….. projects.  One thing I have time to look into now is  It’s broken.  I’ve known it’s been broken.  It would take me probably less than an hour to fix it.  I haven’t made the time, for a lot of reasons.  It’s actually been on my calendar reminding me over and over that I need to get it done.  I’m debating what to do about the site.  I could just fix the one error and move on, but it’s still kind of living in a state of neglect.  Ideally, I should hand the project over to someone else and let them maintain it.  I dunno yet.  Part of me doesn’t wanna let it go, but I guess a bigger part doesn’t care enough to actually fix it so … yah.  Gotta make a decision there.

Other than that, not much going on.  I moved to a new apartment, back into a complex.  I like it here.  I have a dishwasher now, which I’m really grateful for (I haven’t had one in the last three apartments).  The funny thing about that is I seriously have so few dishes, that filling up the entire thing with all of mine it’s half full.

Anyhoo, I am really looking forward to moving on.  My big thing is I wanna get some serious skating time in while I’ve got the time.  That and enjoy the holidays with friends and family.  I’m looking forward to next semester too.  I’ve got a class on meteorology and another on U.S. history.  I’m almost done with generals.  The crazy part about all of this?  Since I went back to school two years ago, I’ve put in 30 credit hours.  Insane, for someone working full time.  I tell you what.

Oh, I don’t know how I totally forgot about this, but I did. This week, I setup a new blog for me, this time to cover just my posts about religion and scripture study. I put it on my existing site, namely at

I honestly have no idea how often I’ll be posting over there, I’m thinking maybe around once per month. I really like writing the posts, but I stress so much over them .. my last one took me like 20 minutes to write and 2 hours to stress over. Ah, well. I do enjoy it, though.

Anyway, yah, all my religious posts will end up over there now, though I may cross-post here occassionally. Or not. That could get annoying. Maybe. I dunno. Look, it’s Halloween soon!

digital trike

So, I don’t normally talk about work on my blog, just because … hey, who wants to work? I’d rather surround myself with Reese’s cups and watch Roger Ramjet. I totally recommend it.

Anyway, at Digital Trike, my current depriver of candy and animated features, I’m doing full time systems administration. It turns out I enjoy doing that quite a bit. One thing they’ve let me start doing, is writing blog posts that are howtos covering topics related to Linux. I’m going to be doing mostly Gentoo posts, and some stuff related to CentOS as well, since we use both of them in development and production (yay, Gentoo!).

I just posted my first entry on their blog, which covers setting up collectd on both distros. I’ll warn you, it’s a bit lengthy, but I tried to cover most of the bases as well as I could, while keeping the setup pretty generic. It’s designed to be a two-parter, this being the first one, and I’ll cover CGP, a PHP frontend to actually see the stats probably next week sometime.

Lemme know what you guys think, I’d totally be up for some feedback. :)

it's time to change

I’ve decided that I had everything figured out as to what I wanted in life when I was fifteen years old.  As a teenager, I had really strong opinions on what I liked, and what I wanted to do with my life, and I was so sure that everything was gonna be so cool if I followed all that.  Then, as I was growing up, I deviated, and have made myself miserable since.

I’ve been doing a lot of re-examination in my life recently, and I’ve come to realize more and more than I honestly did have it figured out when I was younger.  Granted, I didn’t know the specifics of how to get there, or what I wanted in detail, but years of going the wrong way have taught me one thing continually: I don’t want to be where I’m at.

Lots of stuff has been going on for the past months, but in short summary, I’ve decided to actually start changing things and go the directions I want to go.  I got tired of talking about how it’d be nice to go one direction, and I’ve started actually doing it.  So far, it’s been making all the difference in the world, and has me more excited and interested in life and it’s possibilities again.  That’s something that has been totally lost to me for years.

One recent catalyst that has been helping me push along the way has been going back to school.  When I was younger, I *knew* for a fact, that I didn’t want to go into computers as a field.  People would always tell me that I should go into IT as a career field, since I was “so good at it.”  When I first went to college (the first couple of times), I didn’t have a clear vision of what it is I wanted to do.  So I set out there and pretty much took general education classes which were really boring, and not interesting and not getting me to where I wanted to go — whatever that was — fast enough.  As a result, I dropped out and just started working instead.  I never got a degree.

I bounced from job to job, just doing whatever seemed like a good or interesting fit at the time.  Eventually I did wind up in a computer programming job, and I got myself stuck there.  Well, not so much stuck as indifferent.  Things were “good enough,” and I slumped into a long, long spell of “meh.”  Life sucked, but I had a job that paid the bills, and so I lazily sailed from one company to another through the years, ignoring the fact that I wasn’t doing what I enjoyed.  I basically dulled myself with the fact that I could go home and do things that I enjoyed doing, and resigned myself to the fact that I’d never enjoy work very much, if at all, so to just kind of gloss over it all and stare at life through a bit of a hazed view.  Sleepwalking through life, going through the motions.  Pretty miserable stuff.  Never really knowing what I wanted, but knowing it wasn’t this, and too dulled from the experience of it all to bother looking.

Even though I was indifferent, I was always unhappy as well.  The desire to do something else never went away, and instead of focusing inward and trying to find what it was that was pushing me, I learned to just push back.  This has made my entire life just one unsatisfying moment from one day to the next.  The stress has been doing a lot of damage to my system, and it’s really taken the toll on me physically.

So, yah, that brings me to a few years later where I’m starting to finally get so tired of this lifestyle, that I’m ready to change things for good.  There were a lot of other, little events along the way that undoubtedly prepared me for these moments, and so I’m finally changing things around and starting to go into the direction I want to.

School is a major, major one for me.  I’ve known since I was much younger that I enjoyed working with people, and would get fascinated talking to them about their life situations and scenarios (not limited only to problems).  I would love to learn about different perspectives, and I would always get really caught up in drama of people’s lives — their challenges, their opinions, their experiences, how they make decisions, how they perceive things, and so on.  I still find it all fascinating.  How individuals evolve and develop  personalities and become who they are is really one of the mysteries I like to explore.

In one of my jaunts in school, I took an Introduction to Psychology course, and absolutely loved it.  I remember sitting in the class wide-eyed absorbing everything that was said.  What was really cool, though, is I just *got it* naturally.  All the explanation given in the textbook and the lectures were just rounding out the details, filling in the gaps of the things that I had figured out or already understood somehow.  It was really cool.  I aced the class without even having to put in any amount of effort.  I wish I would have clued in back then that that was what I wanted to do.  I was majoring in Computer Science, and when I couldn’t even get past the first programming class, I bailed on school again.

Going back to the university this last semester has opened my eyes a lot.  It’s been many years since I’ve been to school, but this time, I knew what I wanted to do, and that attitude changed the way I approached everything.  I’m studying psychology and sociology now, and I’m ramping up my school life so I can get back to something I enjoy.  Professionally, I’m still working with computers, but I’m phasing myself out of that field, which makes me totally ecstatic.

Here’s another major thing that has changed my perspective on things, which again makes me throw back my thoughts to my adolescent years when I had it all figured out.  I’ve been taking some career tests, personality tests, and interest inventory tests recently — some as part of a student workshop at school, and some through career counseling at school, and some on my own — and the results always match up the same, no matter what the test is.  They all agree that based on my background, interest, and personality type, that I’m totally geared for a career in behavioral therapy (being a counselor, etc.).  What’s totally taken me by surprise, though, is what field they also say I would really do well in, and enjoy: arts.

The whole angle on arts has me perplexed everytime I review it.  As I give it more thought, though, I can see it fitting more.  I’ve always loved creative writing.  I really enjoy music.  And I am totally visually oriented, and am very critical when it comes to how things are presented (you’d never guess that by the way I dress, though).  I’ve talked to a few friends about it, and they were also surprised by the idea that I might be a good fit for something along those lines, but they still tenatively agree that they could see that making sense at the same time.  I’m still curious about that one, myself.  I know I love writing, though, and I am very much into film and drama, so I’m going to start branching out in those areas a bit more as well.  Well, not so much branching out, as I will be just trying to figure out what it is I’m so interested in.

Writing seems to be the most obvious choice right now for me, though.  I’ve signed up for an English writing class next semester to see how that grabs my attention.  Looking back, though, I realize I’ve been enjoying writing all my life.  I have lots and lots of stories that I wrote in elementary school, and while they weren’t really all that *great*, I remember having a lot of fun doing them, and I’d write more when I had free time.

When I was a teenager, I got into writing poetry, and wrote a ton of those over the years.  They were really helpful for me, and I go back and I love looking at them.  It’s great to be able to see what I was going through, in retrospect, and that I could so accurately capture the essence of my emotions.  Almost all of them are incredibly depressing, but they are very descriptive.  Others would probably not clue in to what was going on, but it sure brings back a flood of memories to me, and I captured it well enough for me to remember at least.

I’ve thought about posting some of them online, and I probably will eventually.  In the meantime, here’s a link to one that was actually quite positive, and it’s one of my favorite ones anyway: One Last Time.  Part of me is a bit hesitant to put that out there, since I’m not a huge fan of negative criticism, but we’ll see.  I’d love to hear any thoughts on the matter.

I eventually moved on from poetry, and started writing really detailed journal entries instead.  Every once in a blue moon I get the urge to write a poem again, but the skill seems to have been lost a little bit.  I could see myself writing more stories, though.  Even when I tend to ramble on, my stream of conciousness dumps tend to take on a story form naturally, I’ve noticed.  Interesting, that.

So that pretty much leads me to where I am now.  I’m changing everything around, and I do mean everything.  I’m trying to mine my past memories and recall what it is I was so sure about those almost twenty years ago.  So far, only a few have come back to me.

One of them that I remember really well is that when I was older, I wanted to have my own small apartment that wasn’t flourid or frilly, but instead very minimal and practical, and I would spend all my free time just studying and improving upon my talents.  I don’t consider it a coincidence that that’s the direction my life has been slowly drifting towards in the past little while, as I start seeking out what I want.  The thought of doing that appeals to me rather strongly, and so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.  I’m already looking for a new apartment where I can just get a small studio, throw together some beanbags and have a little library and just chill out and read books and write and study.

Another thing I remember that I wanted when I was younger was that I hated the idea of excess.  Again, I’ve let myself slip, but really, only just a little.  I have a lot of stuff, but I still try to take an approach where I don’t have too many strong interests going on.  So, I have a lot of a few things: movies, books, music, games.  I don’t branch out much more than that.  I’m still gonna get rid of a lot of my stuff, though, the things that I think are holding me back and keeping me from feeling like I’m in control a bit.  Again, it’s one of those things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never really had the energy or willpower to execute.

I’m still having trouble remembering some of the stuff from back then.  I do remember I hated the idea of driving around looking for a parking spot close to a store’s entrance when you could just park farther away and get some exercise.  I still hate that, thank goodness, so I haven’t totally cast off all my original goals.  That’s a good sign, at least.

So that’s the direction my life is moving: the one I want it to go into.  I can already say that I’m finding myself much less stressed, and in fact, actually having a lot of positive experiences on a regular basis.  I have to wonder if that’s what it’s like for most people.  I’ve been so accustomed to selling my dreams and goals short, that I’ve lost all touch with what it’s like to be alive and enjoy things.

I imagine I’m probably coming off sounding like a hippie or someone with a mid-life crisis, but that’s not the case at all.  It’s simply a matter of me realizing that I haven’t been pursuing what I want to do, when given the chance, and so now I’m aiming to fix that oversight.

As they say, slightly better times ahead.

back to school

So, I decided to stop whining about how I never like any of my jobs, and actually do something about it.  I’m going back to school!  Woo hoo!

The short version of the story is that I never wanted to get into IT as a job market, it just kinda happened, and I stayed here longer than I should have.  My real passion in life is doing service, working with people, helping them out, actually making a change in the world.  I don’t really feel like I’m getting that right now.

I’m going back to school this fall semester, to my old college now turned univeristy, Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.  Wootsie. :)  I love their mascot, too. I  just think it looks cool.

I’m going to be studying psychology, and maybe sociology as well.  I haven’t decided yet.  For now, I’m only certain about a few things: I am tired of working in IT, I love psychology, and I want to do something else.

What’s been happening over a number of years, though, is I have been pretty much indifferent to the fact that I am unhappy in my career.  I enjoy working with computers, to a degree .. I find them interesting all the things you can do with them, and I get excited about some projects (mostly mine).  But the stamina is just not there all the time, and it’s frequently hard for me to get through a day’s work.  I’m just not that into it.

For years I’ve been telling myself I want to do something different, and as a result, I’ve jumped from job to job which allows me to pick up another different skill set, and make things interesting … kind of rekindle the passion again.  What I was really excited about though, was the chance to learn new technologies and ways of doing stuff in a different job.  And I’ve been really lucky in that regard.  Each one of my jobs has been very different from the past one, and so I’ve gotten a good mix of exposure to lots of different stuff.  I am definitely a jack of all trades.

What got me started thinking about school again, though, was that I finally realized the other week that I spend all my free time learning about two things: theology and psychology.  And I spend almost all my free time doing community service as well.  I believe that the field you should follow is probably indicated by the areas of study your mind drifts to when you have nothing else to focus on.  So, that’s pretty much exactly what I’m doing.

Career-wise, I have no idea what I want to do … and I’m not bothered by that in the least, nor am I interested in finding out.  Again, there’s a few things I’m certain about, and one is that I want to get back into school.  I’ve always been fascinated by psychology, and every class I’ve taken in it so far, I’ve aced with very little effort.  For me, in college, that actually means something.  Comparatively, I think I’ve flunked Math 090 five times.

I am really excited to start school.  I’m going to go slowly, so I can adapt to the transition.  If I create too heavy a load, it will tax my enthusiasm and make me wanna quit (there’s a lot more to that, suffice it to say, I know myself pretty well).  Next semester, I dunno what I’m gonna do.  What I would love to do is work part-time and go to school and take more credits, but with my financial situation, that probably ain’t gonna happen.  That’s okay though, I’m happy to make any progress at the moment.

The other thing I’m excited about is that I’ve signed up for an LDS Institute class as well, at the University of Utah.  I live in Salt Lake, so that’s about a ten-minute drive from where I live, if that.  I signed up for an early morning class that covers just the Book of Isaiah.  I’m stoked.

As far as my computer-related hobbies go, I’ve decided I’m going to start cutting a lot of them out of my life, very quickly.  I’ve already decided to not pursue any new projects, and I’m going to cut off some I’m already maintaining and hand them over to other people … I’ll be writing more about some of that soon.  If I’m gonna be studying and putting myself back on the right path, I don’t want too much stuff holding me back anymore.  A lot of the stuff has been projects that I’ve been wanting to get to for a long time anyway, but lost interest in, so they won’t really come as a big loss for me.

Anyway, that’s it.  I actually registered for school weeks ago, but I didn’t wanna say anything about it until I new it was a sure thing.  That is the case now. :)  I can’t wait.  I’ve gone down to campus a few times already, and everytime I go there, I get so recharged about life in general .. at the possibility of turning things around and heading in a new direction, one that I’ve wanted to pursue for years.  Good times, I tell ya. :)

back to school, mebbe

Every once in a while, I get this general feeling of dissatisfaction, that I’m in the wrong industry for employment, and I really wanna get out and change things around. Usually, I kinda shrug it off and indifferently will just try to distract myself more in an attempt to placate the boredom. Recently, though, over the past few months, the feeling has been building a bit, and becoming not just harder to ignore, but is making a lot more sense.

The truth is, I never wanted to go into computers as a job. It just kind of happened, because at the time I needed a job, it was one of the skills I had. I’ve actually done a lot of other jobs growing up, most of them low-paying “dead-end” jobs which I actually enjoyed a lot. If I could afford the lifestyle, I’d go back to them in a heartbeat. But getting into computer programming as a full-time career was definitely never the plan of mine. However, at the same time, I never really knew what I wanted to do either.

Well, I’m sure about one thing now … after doing this for almost ten years, I don’t wanna do this.

That doesn’t come as any real surprise … I knew that all along. What I find interesting though, is how, when I was thinking about it recently I came to some interesting realizations. It helps to describe for me in terms of contrast to what I really wanna study, which is psychology (and / or sociology).

Computer technology for me, is interesting, but it never really gets past the stage of curiosity or novelty. I really enjoy reading stuff on a huge variety of subjects — from high level stuff like device sales to low level stuff like assembly programming. It’s all interesting, but in the end, not really life-changing or fascinating enough to get me to do something about it. It’s just a distraction. Psychology, though, I can’t get enough of it when I read about it. Everything about it — covering lots of subjects, my favorites being personality and development psychology — not only fascinates me, but gets me thinking about it all the time. I love turning over the ideas in my head and considering it more and more.

The other major thing I noticed is that when I have free time, it’s rarely spent doing stuff with computers, in the sense of learning more. However, I do a lot of light reading, and it’s almost always about theological stuff, but even then, my interests drift towards the practical applications (the sciences, if you will) of how religious influences can affect someone’s life. The causes and effects of moral living on attributes, habits, personality, traits, lifestyle, etc. Those totally fascinate me.

So, I’m gonna try and go back to school again this fall. I’m hoping to get on track a bit, and shake things up. I’d love to get out of computers, and do something I feel much more passionate about. :)

work, work, work … movies?

I don’t think I’ve ever made it any particular secret that I don’t enjoy the many jobs I’ve had.  Looking back through the long years of working (20 years now, go me), there’s only been one job that I’ve enjoyed: working at the movie theater.  I don’t remember exactly how long I worked there, since it was at two different chains  and across a number of years, but I’d say it probably capped out around three years of my life or so.  And, man, I still miss working there to this day.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I wanna do with my life, and invariably the answer always quickest to come first to my mind is, “not this!”  I never wanted to go into computers, and I did so, really, as a matter of indifference … I did it because I could.  I’m finding that attitude to be somewhat negative now.

But, I don’t wanna sound like I’m whining.  I got myself into the situation I’m in, and I’m willing to take responsibility for that, and I want to gracefully exit out, but at the same time, find something I would rather do instead.  Interestingly enough, I’ve had two ideas bouncing around my head lately of something I could do.  It seems incredibly risky, but I have so many ideas and I get so excited about it that I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t at least start to look into it.  I’ve been thinking about either running my own local movie theater or video rental store.

I’ve always wanted to run my own movie theater, ever since I was a little kid.  Growing up, going to the movies was a rare treat, and I really enjoyed it every time.  Well, except that one time my mom took me to see Bambi, and I thought the movie was pretty boring.  I must have been five at the time or something.  A critic at such a young age.  I still love going to the movies, for just the thrill of the experience.  One of the reasons that working at a movie theater was so much fun for me too, was that I’ve never found myself so culturally engrossed around people of my own kind as I was there.  First of all, those of us who were long-term workers were really into movies.  There seems to be more than a few shared qualities from that fascination, since I made a lot of good friends working there.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I have some really cool ideas for what would make a movie theater fun to visit.  I especially have lots of ideas on some cool promotions to do (which I might go into later … right now, they’re just floating around in my head).

The same is true for a video rental store.  I know it’s in the news this week that Hollywood Video is going out of business, and it really comes as no surprise to me.  I’ve written before how I think the whole business concept is outdated, and some ideas they can use to brighten things up.  I have lots more ideas on top of those I mentioned there, too.  There’s so many things you could do more than just making it a trip to pick up a movie or game to rent.  I gotta write em down.

There’s only one small problem — I’m not really the entrepreneurial type.  Personally speaking, I dislike the ideas of capitalism in general, and I completely glaze over anytime the topic of business comes up, so I’m not sure I’d be well suited to take on such an endeavor as I might run it financially into the ground, quickly.  If I was serious about doing it, I’d have to do my due research, that’s for sure.  I’d like to think I’ve worked with the movie theaters for long enough to know what would be the basics (I’ve filled every role there — usher, concessionist, box office, projectionist and management), but it seems like running a theater would be a lot riskier than a video store.  Who knows.  If it was small enough, I guess.

Anyhooms, I’m just thinking out loud for now.  I dunno what I think of the idea, but one thing I’m absolutely certain about — it’s one idea that gets me really excited, and just keeps generating more and more energy as I think about it.  Add on top of that it’s something I’ve thought would be cool  to do for years, so … who knows?

I guess at this point I’m just wondering if I should pursue the idea or not.  I mean, not commit myself to it, and run out and get a loan from the bank or anything, but rather just ask myself if there’s really some sustained interest there or if it’s just something to consider.  I dunno.

I can really think of some cool ideas, though. :)  Maybe I should share them.

what did you wanna be growing up?

I saw this post over at mental floss this morning, and I like the question — what did you wanna be when you were growing up?  It’s a cool rhetorical question that I remember asking myself when I was younger a lot, but I never really could come up with an answer.  I’m still not sure what I wanna do.  I *never* wanted to go into computers though.

My dream job, though, is to go back to working at the movie theater.  Of all the jobs I’ve ever had, none of them have happier memories.

Growing up, though, I remember in high school one thing I had settled my mind on was that I wanted to be a marine biologist.  I sucked at sciences in school, but I really liked biology, and with some real study on my part, I actually understood it.  On top of that, I took classes and was a registered scuba diver at the age or 14.  That was really intense, getting certified.  Diving is fun, too.

I still don’t know what I wanna do, though.  My main area of scientific interest now is psychology and sociology.  It’s the one subject that I never get tired of.  I don’t have any kind of schooling in that area (though I never got a degree in computer science, either), so I can’t really make a career change right now.

Ideally, though, my dream job is still just having one where it’s low stress, low key, and I enjoy working with people I like.  I’d have to sort out a few things in my life before I can manage to do that again, though.

the thought process

Some of my friends, notably the close ones who are brazen enough to try and figure out what is going on inside my head (heaven help them), often ask me what in the world my thought process is.  I can only assume that listening to me talk is like trying to watch someone on crack play a pinball game.

I got an idea for another new Gentoo website this morning, and instead of summarizing what it is, I think it’d be more fun to kind of show what my thought process is when coming up for the idea.

The catalyst for all of it was that I got to work this morning, and I wanted to find a backup solution for a few case scenarios.  This is basically how it rolled.

  • Run eix -S backup on my desktop, pipe it through less, start looking at them
  • Open up the website of every single one I find that looks like it might fit my needs
  • Realize that there’s an app-backup portage category, which I could have browsed on my own website (oops).
  • Start realizing that trying to find my own is tedious, how I’d really want is just to see ratings on which ones are best.
  • Get ideas for a new Gentoo website.
  • I really need to build a new Gentoo packages website, one that track’s users ratings on packages, can have comments, reviews, all that crap.
  • While I’m at it, I need to do something to get a universal login across all the Gentoo projects (Znurt, Planet, new unnamed package one).
  • I should probably get a new domain for it.  Or bump Planet somewhere else.
  • I don’t wanna bump Planet somewhere else.  What’s a good domain name.
  • I’m almost out of cookies.
  • I’ve got a good domain name, is it available?
  • Crap, the .com is gone, but .org is available, I’ll get that.  Click, click, click, spendy, spendy.
  • Hmm, I wonder if my brother-in-law can help me design it for me.
  • Chat with him on IM for a few minutes, tell him I need it in about 3 to 4 months, he says no problem.  Awesome. :)
  • And it’s gotta login through OpenID, because I hate doing user management.
  • I’ll integrate Planet in there so users can modify their own stuff
  • And this’ll go great with all the user preference stuff I’m gonna have on Znurt soon, just track it through preferences.
  • It’d be cool if the packages one also tracked features, or did comparision, or did recommendations, like Netflix
  • Ooh, and you can see what friends are using
  • And at the same time, reserve all usernames for current Gentoo devs.  That’d be fun.
  • And it needs LOLcats. (I just came up with that one)
  • I gotta think of a new design.
  • Ooh, look a cool backup program.
  • I like the website, what are they using?  Ooh, Redmine.  I remember liking this thing.
  • I wanna try setting up Redmine again.
  • Ooh, someone put an ebuild in the tree.  I don’t have to use my crapalicious one I wrote.
  • Sweet, I can use SQLite.  Setting up a database on MySQL / Postgres is a pain if I just wanna test it out.
  • The –config isn’t working.  Crapsticks.  Well, I’ll just re-emerge every Ruby package installed and maybe that’ll fix it.
  • That didn’t fix it.  Maybe I’ll see the exact command that it’s running and debug it from there.
  • The deps are bad, I have to use an earlier version of rake.
  • All fixed
  • Ooh, I can run it as a standalone app!
  • I might need mod_ruby sometime, someday, even though I can’t find any mention of it on the website.  I’ll just install it anyway.
  • Ooh, shiny interface!
  • I like.
  • I think I can use this to replace trac.
  • Ooh, it supports git.
  • How the heck do you change the Issue fields?  I don’t like the defaults.
  • I think I’m going to go buy a subwoofer today.
  • I should put my local stuff in a Subversion repo for now.  I gotta learn me some git.
  • What’s a good subwoofer?
  • *ping Jason on IM and ask about subwoofer specs*
  • *go buy a subwoofer*
  • *watch Harry Potter trailer*
  • *eat lunch and head back to work*
  • What was I working on?  Oh, yah, backups.
  • This one looks cool too.  Ooh, shiny interface.
  • Woah, it integrates automatically with cron.  Nice.
  • There really should be a website to make finding this stuff easier.  I should write one.
  • And it should have screenshots!
  • How do you deal with the spam?   Hmm.
  • It’s been kind of a crazy day today.
  • I think I’ll blog about it.

And so it goes. :)

general skill set

My big thing of late has been analytics.  I’m finding that when I’m a bit confused as to how to proceed, that gathering and categorizing my available data helps give me a good roadmap.  I am, by nature, a really visual learner, so getting things in that type of hiearchy really is effective for me.

Tonight, I was bored, and was thinking how stretched thin I am right now (I essentially have three jobs at the moment, eek), and I started wondering about my skill set in general, so I wrote it all down.  You can see the lovely unordered list here.

I compiled it out of curiosity more than anything else.  I’m not interested in comparing my skill set to anyone else, or anything like that, and I’m certainly not trying to toot my own horn .. I’m certainly not into that.  But I did find it interesting.  I know I’ve always been a hybrid between web developer and systems admin, and then throw in some multimedia stuff on the side.  It’s really odd.  I realize that.  I like, though, that I pursue everything that interests me, even if it does totally wear me out.  I like knowing what I’m into and what doesn’t appeal to me.

So, yah.  That was fun.  It was hard getting them all down, and I’m sure I probably missed a few.  I don’t think I could really categorize Gentoo too well, as it’s taken up a lot of room in my life over the years, and really helped push me in a lot of directions.  I’m really grateful for that.  I love learning new stuff.

And, for the record, I really did write a CLI frontend to rip TV shows off your Tivo.  I’ve never released the code into the wild.  That’s on another huge list .. of projects to eventually accomplish.

Edit: for the record this is one of those posts I was debating publishing or not.