I just finished updating and pushing mplayer-resume-1.6 into the tree.  I’ve actually been sitting on the update for a long … More

mplayer, dvdnav support

Oh yah, I remembered what the other thing was on MPlayer — dvdnav support is back in.  Duh.  How could … More

mplayer, real support

MPlayer got bumped yesterday to a new snapshot (1.0_rc2_p28058), which isn’t all that interesting in itself, but there is one … More

weekend multimedia notes

I’ve been spending part of the weekend working out small annoyances in my myth setup, trying to get it inching … More

mplayer and transcode fixes

Since things are finally starting to settle down (hey, I’ve had Internet for a week now, cool), I’ve started getting … More

what i'm working on

Just another update on what I’ve been poking at lately. I’ve mostly been cleaning up really small stuff, small bugfixes … More