giving thanks

Something I find interesting lately, is that with the Playstation 3 coming out, I haven’t seen hardly any positive press … More

ivtv-0.8.1 released

Just another quick Gentoo public service announcement. Hans released a new version of ivtv, v0.8.1, and this comes with a … More

the system is down

Oy, I’ve been having my share of computer problems lately, least of all have been with my website (if you … More

poking at my pchdtv

I got my pcHDTV 5500 card back from Jason last night, and I’ve been playing around with it today with … More

mplayer pvr testing

Well, I spent most of the night testing the new mplayer pvr support. I ran into problems, and had to … More

more tv tuners

I was curious how well the PCHDTV cards were coming along, so I bought one of the 5500 models the … More

trying out nv

With xorg-x11 7 now marked stable on Gentoo, I’m decided to try something a litle different with my upgrade… I … More

mini update: ide woes

My RMA’d notebook harddrive that I was going to use in my Mini-ITX system came in the mail yesterday, and … More