packages website going offline for a while

I’ve been on a roll to clean house lately, and part of that is simplifying my hardware setup.  One thing that needs to be ripped out completely is my old server, which is getting to be a real pain to maintain.  Mostly it’s just my personal stuff on there, but the ebuild packages website is also running on there right now.  Between now and Tuesday, I’m going to take it down since I’m going to be rearranging my hardware setup anyway.  I’m not going to bring the old website back online, either.  The code for the new one is almost complete, and it will use a lot less resources.  There’s gonna bet lots of cool stuff on the new one: better feeds, simpler interface, new domain name and hopefully a new design as well.  Oh, and the scripts aren’t dependent upon portage anymore, which is the real crutch right now.  I have to run an old version of portage ( that isn’t even in the tree anymore, and it’s making updates painful or impossible.

The new site will also run on my dedicated Linode, where I think I’ve finally correctly managed the apache issues, so that means there will be less arbitrary downtime as I screw around with my box here at home.  I really hate running servers at home that other people are dependent on, because I like the freedom to change things around without affecting anyone.  Right now, the old site is so CPU intensive, that I can’t move it over to the VPS.

The code for the new site is much cleaner.  The entire thing is rewritten in OOP classes to access the portage tree, which makes my job incredibly easier.  Not to mention it’s a lot faster.  It’ll still be a bit before I get it online, but killing it will inspire me to push it along.  I’m tired of having this thing limp around when it’s just a dead albatross around my neck right now.  So, farewell.  The new one will be better. :)

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