netflix new stuff

I found this article on Wired about Netflix, and their plans for global domination, which is stuff I always love … More

jump on it

Hee, hee, hee, this was fun. :)  On Saturday I got to take my little brother out, and I had … More

psp go

So, apparently the new PSP Go is going to hit shelves soon.  I totally keep forgetting about it.  While it … More

dan in real life

I watched “Dan In Real Life” again this weekend (on Blu-Ray, wow it looks nice), and it is quickly becoming … More

new pear setup

I’ve just commited PEAR 1.8.1 to the tree (and will do 1.9.0 shortly to get us up to speed), but … More

star wars games

I could not sleep last night (taking a 3 hour nap in the afternoon was probably a bad idea, in … More

it's the great pumpkin

As usual, I feel a little awkward after posting something spiritual, so here’s something not at all. :) I found … More

the imperfect relationship

I had a really interesting thought tonight, and I thought I should write about it, despite it being something pretty … More