alsa cleanup

I’ve just punted all the old ALSA ebuilds from the tree.  Tah tah.  I thought they needed to be in there for old kernel compatiblity, but it turns out I was wrong.  Ah well.  The less versions to worry about, the better (from a support point-of-view).

We’re going to look at getting 1.0.20 stable here pretty quickly, and then remove *all* the old versions after that.

Oh, and if you are interested in helping out with ALSA bugs, that’d be nicely appreciated as well.

One other note — I added media-sound/alsa-driver, which is the external modules for the ALSA drivers, into package.mask.  The concept is simply to add a hurdle to users wanting to use it, and to make it clear it won’t be landing in stable-ville anytime soon.  However, there are no plans to remove it from the tree, either.  I know some people like to use it, so there ya go.

3 thoughts on “alsa cleanup

  1. How can I help debug alsa? Linux would pretty much be useless to me without it, so… Just curious as to how I can help the debugging process…?

    1. Oh, the usual … if you find a bug, please file a report on For any users that wanted to help out more, our documentation could always use tweaking too.

      As long as users don’t just huddle on the forums / ML / IRC / caves and not tell devs about the problems they run into, we should be fine.

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