binary codecs

I’ve got an idea I’ve started playing around with, to cleanup the mess that is the binary codecs in Gentoo.  … More

planet feeds

I’m actually starting to like it when any planet problems pop up, because I’ve been systematically weeding them out one … More

r.i.p., little dell

My monitor died on me this weekend.  I was sitting at the computer using it when it started flickering horribly.  … More

psa: utah renaissance fest

If there’s one thing I love more than … well, much almost anything … it’s an olde classic Renaissance Faire! … More

workplace culture

I just read this awesome post about corporate culture about Zappos, and I was just blown away by how awesome … More

star trek on blu-ray

All the original Star Trek movies (1 through 6) came out on Blu-Ray today in one large collector’s set. Normally … More

upgrading myth, part two

I’ve almost finished the upgrade process for MythTV.  Last night I ported all my patches towards 0.21 and so far … More