something wicked this way comes

I just noticed this post this morning from my feed for Soundtrack Collector — there is a new release for the score to the Disney horror movie, “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” This is actually pretty interesting, because it’s the first time it’s officially been put in print. The release is also a limited edition (only 3000 copies), so if you want one, you’d have to hurry.


James Horner did the score, and I have to say, it is one of the most interesting and original ones I’ve ever heard. The range of emotions this one manages to capture in music is just stunning. It’s not one I listen to regularly, but it is great, and easily recognizable. Horner also did probably the best one I’ve ever heard at all — the score to Krull. Another one not to be missed in this lifetime.

I’ve actually already got a copy of the score on CD. Even though it was never officially licensed for release, there was a very nice bootleg that was produced, and I managed to snag a copy on ebay a few years ago for a really hefty fee (oh noes, I’m a pirate!). It was worth it. :)


And look, I just noticed, I was the one to provide the track listing for the website’s database. Heh.

For some reason, the bootleg has three tracks more than the other one, but is only 47 seconds longer in recording length too. Interesting. I might have to pick up a copy and compare the two. Either way, both of them are collector’s items.

If you’ve never heard of or seen the movie, I’d recommend checking it out. It’s spooky. I think the screenplay was written by Ray Bradbury himself, though I can’t remember. A lot of his stories are great, of course. Plus this movie was in the period when Walt Disney Productions was stretching their legs with genres and putting out some amazing films in the mean time. It was in this era that titles like TRON, The Black Hole and Watcher in the Woods also came out. Just watching it, you’d never guess it was produced by Disney, that’s for sure. They had some originality back then.


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