I just got back from watching Knowing in the theater. It was freaking awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as I saw that the director was Alex Proyas, I knew I was in for a rare treat that I wouldn’t forget. And I was right. :)

He’s also directed, among others, The Crow, Dark City and I, Robot. I’ve never seen The Crow, but I absolutely love, love, love the other two. What’s really interesting is there are some common humanity themes between his movies, which I really won’t go into now because I don’t wanna spoil the movie for anyone.

But if you like dark, quirky, original, interesting movies, then go check it out.

Plus, the score was really good. I just bought the soundtrack on Amazon. I can’t wait to give it a good listen.

3 thoughts on “knowing

  1. Thank you!

    Everyone else I know that saw this movie hated it. I loved it. I loved the ending. So, it was a little doomsday-ish, but hey, so was the ending of 12 Monkeys, and everyone agrees that it’s a great movie.

  2. @Adam,

    Awesome. I kept wondering “how is this gonna end?” while watching the movie. I figured it’d be pretty interesting, and I knew it was gonna be something unexpected.

    I imagine a lot of people didn’t enjoy the movie because it just wasn’t a mainstream blockbuster movie. Ah well. I like. :)

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