tv shows on youtube

After reading for about the fourth time about how YouTube has full TV shows online, a la Hulu, nobody had an actual freaking link …. so here’s a link to the alphabetical listing.

I’m looking around right now, and my initial impression is that they’ve kinda done what Netflix has — dumped the stuff that nobody really watches or is interested in all that much. A lot of these, I’ve never even heard of.

Or, they do something weird, and just randomly pick the seasons to display. Star Trek: The Original Series — enjoy Season Three. MacGyver, Season Seven. Alfred Hitchcock Presents: one episode from the first season.

Well, whatever .. it’s a step in the right direction, even if it does feel like a total shotgun approach.

Edit: Just noticed this …. this is hilariously awesome and bad. I loaded up the one Alfred Hitchcock episode, and right in the beginning, you see this small visual overlay from the DVD player in the top right corner. I recognize it, because my Sony DVD player does the exact same thing!

Don’t tell me they did what I think they did — took an analog rip? That is, just hooked up some RCA or component cables and ripped it that way? That’s the only way I can think of they’d get the output for a player on the final video. That is awesome. :)


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