media-video cleanup

Well, it took me a while to get to, and a bit long to accomplish, but it’s finally taken care of.  I went through media-video last night and just treecleaned a bunch of crap that hasn’t been working well, and frankly, is just full of bugs.

Mplayer, Xine, ffmpeg, totem and some others are all gone now … sorry it took me so long.  I know they were old and ancient, and not really doing much good.  You’ll be glad to know though, that there’s some great new stuff in the tree now that’s really gonna make things easier.

My favorite is cacaview.  It can play just about any format on the planet, and the video quality is just right on par with where Linux should be these days.  This is some stuff you can really show off to your friends.  If you wanna try that one, just emerge media-libs/libcaca and play around with cacademo, cacafire and of course cacaview.

The future is now, baby.


5 thoughts on “media-video cleanup

  1. Hm, you forgot about vlc. Let’s remove this crap. By accident I played around with libcaca yesterday and must agree it is really a valuable replacement. :-)

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