introducing ubeantoo

Well, this was a long time coming, but it had to happen sometime.  I’ve been having issues with Gentoo lately — it just hasn’t been focused enough on me and my amazing accomplishments.  Really, I’m awesome.  As such, the indignity has gone on too long, and I’m just going to fork Gentoo myself and do things right.

I’m not one to start things from scratch, though, not when it’s much easier to take credit from everyone else’s work and then blame bugs on them.  I’m going to integrate Ubuntu into my new distro as well.  The name seems obvious enough — beandog + gentoo + ubuntu becomes ubeantoo.  I mean, what else am I gonna call it — Debean?

Truth be told, I’ve been a closet fan of Ubuntu for a long while now.  I’ve been using it on one of my desktops for about 12 years now, and it’s just great how it can combine real-world security, stability, and still have time to look good on first boot.  I mean, dang.  Sexy.  I could just stare at those screens all freaking day.

My new project, like many others of mine, is in a perpetual state between amazing announcements and actual deployment.  I don’t wanna give away too much of how cool this awesome thing is gonna be, so you’ll just have to settle for my customized splash screen for now:


I think I’ll finally be recognized for all my hard work.  People will flock from those other distros so they can finally adhere to my correct way of doing things.  After all, I’m not just a developer, I’m a user, too.

Finally, to whet your appetite a bit more, I’ve got an action shot for you.  This OS of mine was actually seen in an episode of Homestar Runner.


Has Gentoo ever gotten that kind of fame?  I don’t think so.


6 thoughts on “introducing ubeantoo

  1. I would LOVE it if gentoo had a nice popup box. “Everything is fine, Nothing is ruined.” would make a fantastic bootsplash ^^

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