fairmont park at night

One thing I hate about it being so cold, is I can’t go skating regularly any more. Not that it’s *that* cold (still hovering around 50 degrees at night), it’s that I can’t stand the cold, so I can’t go out.

Anyway, I’ve been missing it quite a bit lately, and last night I got fed up with not being able to go (last time I went I about died), and even though it’d been like 2 months since I’ve gone, I threw on like three layers of shirts, grabbed my board and headed out.

I went to Fairmont Park, which is where I always go. It’s real close to my place and it’s a nice little skate park. It turns out, that the city installed lights over the park really recently. Like, this week.

As you can see, it’s really bright, and quite easy to see where you’re going. No more risking death and ankles by riding at 10pm anymore, I guess. It’s still cold, though.

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