another mythfrontend

I’ve been poking on and off at the idea of getting a second frontend for MythTV.  I already have my … More


I just finished updating and pushing mplayer-resume-1.6 into the tree.  I’ve actually been sitting on the update for a long … More

planet admin stuff

I’m working on cleaning up some planet stuff again, and for Planet Larry I made a small policy shift — … More

netflix on tivo

Last week (or so), Tivo finally enabled the long-awaited update that owners of newer Tivo boxes could watch movies using … More way behind

This is a public flogging since I’m so behind. I’m moving today to another host, and I’m going through … More

mplayer, dvdnav support

Oh yah, I remembered what the other thing was on MPlayer — dvdnav support is back in.  Duh.  How could … More