weekend multimedia notes

I’ve been spending part of the weekend working out small annoyances in my myth setup, trying to get it inching closer to my “perfect” setup.  I’m actually really close now, minor stuff is all that’s left.

Here’s a few things I want to remember as a point of reference, that took me a bit of research to figure out:

Printing options in MPlayer:

mplayer -list-options <command line arguments>

mplayer -input cmdlist <slave mode commands>

mplayer -input keylist <events>

Mapping Page Up and Page Down with my remote in MythTV:

prog = mythtv
button = ch+
repeat = 3
config = PgUp

prog = mythtv
button = ch-
repeat = 3
config = PgDown

Finally, I hit some snag with MPlayer and VobSubs (subtitles that originally come with DVDs).  I’ve got some movies in Matroska format, and with recent (SVN r27719) revisions, it will forcibly display the subtitles on playback, and I have no idea why.  I swear I remember reading something about this on the mailing list a while ago, but I haven’t had much luck finding anything.  Best option so far, go back to an earlier revision (r25993).  Not ideal, but it works.  Every sub, force and vobsub option I’ve tried does nothing.  I’m not passing anything by default like -slang or -sid to mplayer.

Another thing I’ve been working on (I’m really bored) is finding posters for the cover images in my movies folder.  Which got me looking at UK quad posters.  If you haven’t ever seen the posters from across the pond, they are so much better than our American counterparts.  They are a horizontal landscape, which allows for, in my opinion, a much more dramatic picture.  Check out this Star Wars one, for example.

It just looks so much better, in my opinion.  I gotta get some movie posters up on my wall (only two so far: Tron and The Adventures of Milo in the Phantom Tollbooth), and I’d love to hunt down some quads.  The old school Disney ones look even awesomer.

Speaking of cover images for Myth, I have a new patch I cranked out last night, which has an interesting story to it.  I’ll post details later, though.  I’m not in the mood for details right now.  I’m more about hunting down stupid bugs that don’t require too much brain power.

planet larry google search

Planet Larry has kept archives of posts for about five months now, but I just barely added a Google search form to the side nav so you can … uh, search.

It would be nice to have the archived pages put the dates in the title tag, but looking through the Venus code I couldn’t really see a quick way to do that, so meh.  I could probably just write a quick sed line to fix it when its archived, I suppose.  I’ll look at it later.  Or let someone else figure it out for me. :)

Oh, also, just a reminder, Planet Gentoo stores archives as well, though there’s no index page or search index yet.  Another item on my long to do list.

playlist resume

I wrote about this a little bit a while back, wrt mplayer-resume, that I wanted to work on a way to resume playback from a playlist as well using MPlayer. Well, I finally sat down and figured it out last week. For some reason it took me a good while to figure out the logistics of how to do it rather than the coding. I dunno why. Anyway.

I wanted to wait to bump mplayer-resume until after I added something else, and this is gonna be it. Just gotta clean up the code and package it now, and it’ll be ready to go.

Here’s how it works though: the script, like mplayer-resume, acts as a wrapper to mplayer. In fact, everything is pretty much the same except that it saves both the filename along with the position in the playlist.

The problem I was having a hard time figuring out was that I wanted to easily make two options available: resume playback in the current file I’m in (old mplayer-resume functionality), and resume playback in the position in the playlist I’m in. I just finally mapped two keys on my remote, exit and stop, to take care of both of them.

Hitting Exit on my remote will save the playback of the current file and write that to the playlist position file. Then it also saves the seek time where I left off. Hitting Stop will kill the old entry and just add a line to the playlist saved position file that says what the *next* file should be on playback.

Pretty simple when you consider it, but it took me some time to figure out, mostly so that it seemed intuitive. I figured I’d have a hard time getting used to it, and hit stop accidentally and losing my place where I wanted to be, but so far it’s worked out fine. I’m happy with it.

I’m using it for playback of my TV shows, which is pretty much 95% of what I’ve got ripped on my media setup. I have a few movies, but no AC3 output, so I prefer to just stick those in my DVD player. It is the only way I can watch my Region 2 or 4 DVDs though. For TV, it works great, since I generally want to watch them in general succession of episode order. And if I don’t feel like watching a certain episode, you just hit stop and it’ll skip to the next one. Very nice. I suppose I could map a button to go *back* in the playlist if I screw things up accidentally, but I’m kinda running out of buttons to map on my remote. Besides, vague mappings that I’m supposed to remember usually hurt more than help.

gpnl and packages todo

I spent all last week working really hard on getting my MythVideo setup all cleaned up (and I still need to write a post or two about some new stuff), and moving next in my todo list, getting GPNL and the Packages websites back up to speed is my next goal.

The thing is though, I haven’t worked on this in so long, I can’t really remember what it is I want to do.  Sure, I have a bug tracker, but if there’s anything anyone thinks should take priority (on the list or not), lemme know.

I only really have three main things on my plate:

– robbat2 showed me how to access portage metadata directly instead of using the SQLite module + backend, so I wanna switch over to using that (attempt #3 at accessing portage data, whee!)

– Need to start checking for EAPI 2 usage in ebuilds.  I have no idea what will happen right now, which means it’ll probably break things.

– Make displaying the ChangeLogs optional on the packages site.  Man, that gets in my way.

Oh, and note to self — also want to get aliz’s old stable candidates website back online.