In my last post about my new cell phone, I made this comment, which at the time seemed like some people would find hard to swallow considering my geekiness: “I’m a really slow adopter to new technologies, believe it or not, so this might take me a while to get used to.”

As my good friend Jason pointed out, “That is the world’s biggest understatement.”

More accurately, in his words, “I wouldn’t say slow adopter to “technologies”…. I’d just say, “I loathe change in any way, shape, or form”.”

Heh, believe it or not, it’s really true. I find something I like, I stick with it, and I vehemently won’t give it up until I’m absolutely forced to. Whatever works. :)

As far as the phone, I think I’m gonna take it back and get a brand new … RAZR. Whee!

That or a StarTAC. I can’t decide.

One thought on “clarification

  1. hehe… my current phone (nokia 6131) is dying. this means that, it keeps rebooting or simply reboots during a call or when writing text messages. yesterday it took me nearly 1 hour to write one single sms, since the phone kept rebooting and forgot what I entered so far…
    it wasn’t easy but I decided to get a nokia71. I need something to manage my dates and since this model is supported well by opensync I’ll give it a try. it’s pretty small considering it has a full QWERTY keyboard on it…

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