blackberry pearl flip

I caught the news this morning via Engadget that Blackberry is coming out with a new phone pretty soon, the Blackberry Pearl 8220. What makes it cool is that it’s their first flip phone, yay!

I’m not big into cell phones myself, but my new job that I just started (which I still haven’t written anything about, meh) is going to pay for a new one and coverage. I’ve been looking around a lot, and decided on the Blackberry for the feature set it has, but I really wanted to get a flip phone. I’ve got a RAZR that I’ve had for about three years now, and its worked great for me — nice and tiny and gets the job done.

Looks like the new Pearl has all the features the other phones have, minus GPS, which I could live without, but it would come in really handy — half the reason I use my phone is to call someone when I’m lost, which happens way too much.

Edit: yay, piccies!

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