it came from the sun!

My crap it’s hot in my apartment. About 89 degrees (Farenheit) right now, which is actually *good*. And it’s 10 at night. It’s usually about 95 degrees in here.

I got sick this weekend so I had to stay home and rest the whole time, but I seriously went delirious from the heat. I went to the doctor today to find out if it was that or just something else that’d been making me tired, and I’ll get the results from the blood test tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m looking for some practical ways to cool off my house.

This morning I went to the hardware store and spent about $200 on drapes that are designed to block out supposedly 99% of the sunlight. It’s so bright in my living room that it blocks out about 80% I’d say in my main front window, and that’s with a canopy already out front. I’m on the top floor in my complex, so the heat gets in all day, and then never leaves.

I just spent about three hours drawing this awesome picture of my setup while eating ice cream.

The annoying problem I have is that in the kitchen, there is an AC unit sitting in the window, which does a great job, but only keeps the kitchen cool. The circulation in this apartment is horrible (no central air), so only the kitchen stays cool. The bedroom gets hot, but I don’t mind so much because by the time I go to bed I just open the window and turn on the ceiling fan and that’s usually enough to get me through the night. Plus, I’m sensitive to noise so I can’t get an AC unit in there.

Probably the most practical thing to do is to get another window AC unit for the living room since that’s where I spend most of my time when I’m at home. I’ve just been stubborn and don’t want to spend the money or install it, but dying from heat tends to change your mind about things like that.

Either way I still have the problem with poor circulation. The office and the bedroom both have ceiling fans that are almost always on full blast, and while it cools off a little, no air is moving from room to room. So I’m not sure how to solve that one.

Anyway, I’m open to ideas. In the meantime, suddenly work is the most exciting place to be. Now that’s pathetic.

5 thoughts on “it came from the sun!

  1. Identify the colder outside location, and add some standing fans placed right up at the windows – literally on the inside windowledge at the screens.

    Start by purchasing two standing fans. You want a large diameter, with a full variable speed setting ideally, not just low/med/fast.

    Place them in both of the office and bedroom windows. Ensure you can turn them around easily.

    Starting with just one of them, have the AC on, the bedroom window close, the lounge windows closed, the fan in the office venting to outside, and set full.

    Depending how much airflow your AC gets, you should get a decent draft in the office.

    Now for the bedroom, either turn off the fan in the office, or reverse the fan there to blow into the apartment (once outside is cooler than inside, you win with this). In the bedroom window, have the second standing fan blowing to outside.

    Totally out of the box thinking beyond that, is to go and invest in some nice summer cotton sheets that you won’t sweat in.

  2. bummer about the heat. I like the library idea. all the box fans at walmart for $10/ea. is a good idea too. Although it sounds like downing lots of ice cream may work too…

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