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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but never got around to it. Usually when I write comments on a film, it’s because I think I have a full post that I can write about it. There’s not much of that that comes by, but there is a lot that I wouldn’t mind dropping a sentence or two summary on what I think of the thing in passing, either in jest or admiration. Besides, there’s so much stuff that I do watch at a time, that I couldn’t possibly write a lot about all of them. So, here’s what I’ve been up to recently.


Not at all what I thought it was going to be … I was imagining a futuristic sci-fi thriller or something, instead of this. I’d label it as typical Twenieth Century Fox film fare — lots of sensationalism, not much depth. An interesting movie, certainly an original idea, but nothing more than a popcorn movie that I’d probably never go out of my way to watch again.

I only saw it because I wanted to go out and see something in the theater and I was having a hard time deciding between this and Juno. If I was going to pay box office prices, I figured I’d wait on Juno since it should hit the dollar theaters pretty soon here. And I hadn’t watched any trailers on Jumper, and I love sci-fi action flicks, so I thought I’d have fun with this one. It wasn’t too bad. I’d give it 3 stars.

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit

This one is also from Netflix, and it scores in the category of “Disney movies I never managed to catch on TV growing up for some reason.” Believe it or not, there’s very few that slipped through the cracks. The reason should have been obvious — I hate *any* movie where animals are anywhere near the star attraction (No, I haven’t seen Ratatouille either, and I have no plans on seeing it). I forced myself to sit through this for about 30 minutes before giving up, closure be screwed. It’s got a horse. It’s going to be about riding horses. I’m bored. Why did I rent this. Next.

Conan the Destroyer

Another one from my queue (I have 5 out at a time), I’ve been watching this on and off for about three weeks now .. partly because I keep losing the disc and partly because I can’t watch 10 minutes of it without getting a little tired of it. This is one of those movies that I swear I’ve seen before but I can’t remember when or where (which, actually, is odd). Parts of it I remember too, and parts I don’t, so I assume I must have just seen it on TV or something. So far it’s okay. I think the thief is annoying.

Tom Thumb

I really, really thought that this one was going to be good. Oh, man, was I off. All I can remember is sitting through that first dance scene with Tom Thumb and the toys thinking to myself, “How long is this going to last?”, finally fast forwarding after patiently sitting through about 5 minutes of it, only to see 15 more of it go by (I’m totally not kidding).

As far as art direction goes, it was visually really pretty and appealing. It would be a really good movie for someone who is maybe 3 years old or younger, but for anyone else, it is going to be a real chore watching this thing. The movie is good, the story is nice, but it drags on much, much too slowly. And I’m the type who enjoys old, slow, 50s movies, too. That’s saying something.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

This movie was so bad that I can’t even remember any of it now. At least I sat through the whole thing. This is one of those where you go in there knowing its gonna be sucky and having zero expectations and *still* coming out disappointed. Wow.

Martian Child

This movie deserves a post of its own, and it will get one some day. 5 stars. Awesome. Go see it!

Oliver Twist

When I saw it in the theater it blew me away. I wanted to watch more dramas after Martian Child so popped this in, and it didn’t hit me nearly as hard this time around. I still feel for the poor kid, though.

The Family Man

Looking for more human relationship drama after watching Martian Child, I went and rented this one at Hollywood. Each time I see this movie, the less attractive it becomes to me. The first time I saw it it really blew me away, but every time since it’s just been an interesting story. Nicolas Cage, though, is an amazing actor, given the right story (Matchstick Men).

Pete’s Dragon

I randomly picked this one out of my collection the other day looking for something to watch. I haven’t seen the movie in probably 20 years, and before then I imagine I’ve only seen it once. I don’t like movies with “are they gonna make it!?” climaxes at the end, and this has one of those, which adds to why I haven’t watched it since. I’m still only halfway through it, but it’s just has hard now to sit through as it was so long ago. I can’t really pinpoint the reason … I imagine it’s because it’s one of those films that tries to be many things at once to many audiences and it just doesn’t really pan out for anyone. I do love the soundtrack, though. I get a kick out of it.

That’s about all I can remember off the top of my head. I’ve been completely knocked off my feet since Thursday because of the flu, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed watching TV. And when it comes down to either watching reruns of Mythbusters or a movie, the answer is pretty obvious. The facial hair on those two hosts really freaks me out.

2 thoughts on “what i'm watching

  1. “I forced myself to sit through this for about 30 minutes before giving up, closure be screwed. It’s got a horse. It’s going to be about riding horses. I’m bored. Why did I rent this. Next.”

    I nearly died laughing.

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