I added x11-themes/pidgin-smileys to the tree this morning, for those of you who like me are on a LOL graphical fix. I can’t recommend the TrillyPro theme enough. (woot)

Anyway, I dumped a few of them that were annoying me (though not necessarily ugly, though I could have done that too) because they were packaged improperly or something else. If you’ve got issues, just poke me somehow or bug me on IRC or just file a bug on Gentoo’s bugzilla. I can always add more themes, if you manage to find some that are even more distasteful than some of the ones in there.

One thing that took me a bit to figure out (and isn’t documented anywhere on Pidgin’s website, naturally … ) is that Gaim and Pidgin install themes in different places. For gaim it was in /usr/share/pixmaps/smileys, and for Pidgin it’s in /usr/share/pidgin/emotes.

Enjoy your happy graphical buddies. (bounce) :)

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