happy halloween!

It’s Halloween! :D  Halloween and Christmas are the only two holidays that I really get into.  I love it.  I … More

reboot on kernel panic

I don’t remember how I found this, but I’ll pass it along.  One thing you can add when booting your … More


I added x11-themes/pidgin-smileys to the tree this morning, for those of you who like me are on a LOL graphical … More

hacking democracy

I just watched the coolest documentary, Hacking Democracy, which tells the story nicely of Black Box Voting. It’s a great … More

not a unified front

I have an opinion on the whole matter of the direction that the business models of the companies that make … More

5.1 surround sound

I finally got around to hooking up my 5.1 surround sound stereo this weekend (I didn’t have my rear speakers … More

beginning embedded linux

I’ve been doing some research into embedded linux since last month, and it is some incredible stuff what you can … More

rss and atom

I’ve been having problems with the cache of the RSS 2 feeds, and in an attempt to clean up config … More