Generally speaking, people don’t post entries about when they screwed up.  I don’t like to either, but it bears an explanation.

First of all, if you’ve noticed my website going up and down lately the past week or so, it’s because I’ve been doing intermittent maintenance and upgrades here and there.  Planet was already upgraded.  Yesterday, I was messing around with some other software and completely deleted WordPress, so while cleaning that up I finally upgraded to the latest version.  Plus, I’d been watching the apache logs for a while and something running a php script kept segfaulting, but I could never find it.  Turns out it was the Legend of the Green Dragon php scripts weren’t working.  I started poking at the code, but couldn’t find anything so just took it offline.

Then I started looking at finally upgrading to MySQL 5 (I’ve used 4 for as long as I can remember, and I’m not big on upgrading major versions unless I have to sometimes), and while I did I found the problems with LOTGD — the database was corrupted.  I have no idea how that happened, and of course I had no backups, since at the time it seemed like it wasn’t that important.  Well, it seems important now, darn it.

It’s a good lesson, I suppose.  I really haven’t been taking as good care of my server as I should, and now I feel a little bad for not taking some basic precautions.  I’m gonna be cleaning it up some more, so if something is temporarily down for a while, now you know why.

I’ll see about getting Lotgd back up, too.

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