my desktop screenshot

I was trying to think of something to write, and posting a screenshot of my desktop seemed like a fun … More

lds-scriptures v3.0 rc1

It’s been a long time on my plate, and I’ve finally gotten around to it again, in my recent desire … More

ast dew tour

I got to go to the AST Dew Tour today here in Salt Lake City. I’ve never been to one … More


Generally speaking, people don’t post entries about when they screwed up.  I don’t like to either, but it bears an … More

the star trek test

Note: I actually wrote this a few weeks ago (July 9th), but since I mentioned the Star Trek test in … More

pimp my mythtv

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my mythbox lately. I’ve learned some really cool stuff about Myth, MPlayer, … More


One thing I like about Netflix, is that since I can have a huge queue of movies, I get to … More