ivtv modules

Just a quick note — if you are using media-tv/ivtv, be sure to load your I2C and Video4Linux drivers as modules in the kernel, or they will most likely not work. I’ve known about that for a long time, so I assumed it was common knowledge, but I see reports of people not doing that and running into problems. Sorry about that. I added a warning in the 1.0.x ebuilds of IVTV. :)

Also, ivtv-1.0.2 is in the tree now, for kernels >= Here’s the tiny Changelog.

3 thoughts on “ivtv modules

  1. Does this mean 1.0.x is no longer masked or how should I see this? Getting ivtv to work is a real pain finding documentation is hard.

  2. Yah, 1.0 is stable now on x86 and amd64.

    It always seemed to me like there wasn’t much need for docs, since it’s pretty straight forward (emerge the package, follow the instructions) but I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

  3. It seems xf86-video-ivtvdev is incompatible with ivtv 1.0.2. I believe they have a set of patches that should fix this.

    I also seem to be having issues with ivtv-fb oopsing as its not built with the correct headers.

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