planet venus cleanup

I’ve cleaned up the Planet Larry feed powered by Planet Venus quite a bit, so it should look exactly as … More

ivtv docs in progress

Believe it or not, I love writing documentation. I dunno why. One thing I enjoy about it is taking programs … More

ivtv modules

Just a quick note — if you are using media-tv/ivtv, be sure to load your I2C and Video4Linux drivers as … More

dvd ripping notes

I’m working on bend right now, and while I’m poking through the source code and fixing bugs, I’m finding small … More

shameless gpnl plug

While is down, I don’t enjoy it more than anyone else, but if you are really craving to browse … More

mplayer + nvidia + xvmc

Another small mplayer tip, that I had to google for. When building MPlayer with XvMC support, so that it will … More

techdirt gets it

I love reading Techdirt. It’s good, editorial summaries of the news that’s going on in technology news. I just saw … More