I mentioned a while ago after coming back from a month of broken computers, that I’d be focusing solely on one task at a time, to get it cleaned up properly, and then move onto something else. The first item on that task list was to look after abcde.

If you haven’t heard of it, abcde is “a better cd encoder”, a full-featured command line ripping program that I would compare to grip. It comes with a great man page and good documentation to get you started. Just look at /etc/abcde/abcde.conf and copy it to ~/.abcde.conf. Here’s a confcat’d version of mine, which I use to rip my music to MP3.

I got the last two bugs fixed and I put a recent subversion snapshot into the tree (, so I’d recommend checking it out. Some things that are new in this version is it has support to encode AAC audio files. Also, this one can simultaneously rip and encode at the same time, something I’d really gotten accustomed to with grip.

So, that’s it for that. Up next on my list is going to be transcode. I know there’s quite a few open bugs for this one, and I’ve been putting off taking care of it. Upstream already has a release candidate for 1.0.4 out the door, and I know the installation instructions could use some tweaking for recommendations. I’ll also get the remaining bugs for dvd::rip fixed up, though it hasn’t been having nearly as many problems.

One thought on “media-sound/abcde

  1. Glad you like it. Its my favorite app for simplicity and ease of use for a simple task. Also glad to hear that AAC is in there now. Dont forget the pipe as well for things other then flac (quite handy)

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