plextor convertx and 2.6.22 kernels

Once again, I can take zero credit for this, especially since I’m not a kernel hacker. I can clean up the ebuilds when I get some time and get them working, though.

The other day, committed to the tree another revision to media-tv/wis-go7007, this time to 0.9.8-r2. This ebuild has some patches contributed by users (thanks, guys!) that will let you use the new 2.6.22 with this device. Plus, I fixed a bug with the udev rules (again, that someone pointed out to me) so that the modules will properly load whenever the USB device is plugged in.

So, there you go. And if you haven’t heard of the Plextor ConvertX, I’d give it some serious consideration if you’re looking for a way to record TV. While the Hauppage boards do hardware encoding to MPEG2, this little baby will do that plus MPEG4 (DivX). And, it works natively with MythTV since something like 0.18. Now go watch some TV. :)

Edit: Just noticed that Plextor is running a $40 rebate deal between now and the end of this month.  Not bad.  I usually forget to mail in my rebate forms, myself, but maybe someone with more self-control can get themselves a deal.

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