Freevo got bumped in the portage tree recently to its latest upstream release. I didn’t realize this, but we were actually slightly behind their release schedule a bit. The main reason for that is probably that not many developers are using it, and the ebuild is a pain to compile. I really didn’t have anything to do with this release, there were a lot of people contributing to it, and it’s always nice to get user input, patches and ebuilds.

This is the version I’ve been playing with on my box at home. Despite my last post where I railed on Freevo pretty hard, I actually like the program quite a lot. Just like MythTV, it’s a love-hate relationship. I get extremely critical of design decisions of programs that I rely on, especially if they are one of a kind. In short, I’m extremely picky.

I haven’t been using Freevo for a long time, and just started looking at it again recently to use as a frontend to just browse my video library. In that arena, it’s definately got more options than MythVideo for customizing the display and things like that, which is the reason I’m playing with it. I’m still split between choosing between the two, though, so I’m probably going to be spending some time looking at all my fun little options. If I find anything interesting, I’ll be sure to write about it. :)

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