it's planet time

Well, cleaning up transcode was relatively easy (though I’m ignoring the minor dvd::rip bugs for now). I bumped the latest … More


I mentioned a while ago after coming back from a month of broken computers, that I’d be focusing solely on … More

planet summer

After a long delay on my part, Planet Summer of Code for Gentoo 2007 is back online. Only two hackers … More

resistance is futile

You may or may not have heard this, but Paramount is re-releasing Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD. This … More


Freevo got bumped in the portage tree recently to its latest upstream release. I didn’t realize this, but we were … More

freevo and lirc

I should clarify on my last post about Freevo and MPlayer fighting over LIRC events, since after some more research, … More


The 2.6.22 linux kernel was released today, and the exciting part is that IVTV is now included in the mainstream … More