weird movie score track titles

At work I listen to music all the time, since it helps me concentrate. Sometimes though, it’s a distraction so I’ll pause an album that’s playing and come back to it later. What happens a lot is I’ll forget what I’m listening to, but I’ll just resume the playback anyway.

So, audacious has a status icon in the system tray that I use to control everything (pause, skip, exit, etc.). As I went to resume my music, a little window appears that hovers over the desktop telling me which track I’m on, and it says “Centrifuge And Corinne Put Down.” What the crap? Turns out I was listening to the score to Moonraker (which I really like, and have written about before here).

I’ve always found it interesting how the composers decide on the track names for the music scores. In some cases, I have to wonder if they were chosen lately, instead of at the time of the recording. That is, who would have thought back in 1979 to release the soundtrack of a James Bond movie on LP? I doubt the idea really crossed anyone’s mind, and so I assume the track never got titled properly. Or maybe it did, who knows, I don’t know how movie productions work.

I’d guess that in this case the title probably reflects what was going on in the movie at the time. Thinking back to the movie (which I *thought* I remembered pretty well), I don’t remember any centrifuges being used or anyone named Corinne. Maybe it was the names of space shuttles.

Anyway, crazy stuff. I do like it when the musicians get interesting though. A good example is the score for Batman Begins, where each track is named after a species of bat. Good times. :)

One thought on “weird movie score track titles

  1. Interesting. Naming an entire score after a species of bat is actually really creative. I have wondered, however, if the author of the score has really given any thought to naming the music pieces, or if they just see crap in everyday life, and think “Hey- I like that. It’ll be the title of this one piece”.

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