friday night flicks

I keep forgetting to mention this, but if you’re in Salt Lake City (Utah, that is), there’s a great chance to catch some classic films in the park, courtesy of the municipal gov’t.  They are showing seven flicks every friday night in June and July.  Tonight is The Karate Kid at the Gallivan Ampitheatre.

Other movies they are going to be showing are Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Neverending Story (!!@$!@$ asplode!), Back to the Future, E. T., Ghostbusters (!@$ aslpode #2!), and Annie.

As you can see, I’m pretty excited by some of them. :)

The movies are free to watch, just show up at the park and stick it to the MPAA for this free-loving watching wonder.

Here’s the details.  Seeya there!

3 thoughts on “friday night flicks

  1. Do you like the neverending story? I did enjoy the movie. Excellent effects, done by ILM. However, I hate the story and also the book… It just doesn’t feel right…

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