I’ve been putting off writing this post, but I can’t stand it any longer. In my brief vacation from computers … More

xm radio + payola?

I hate to think its true, but it seems like XM Radio has shifted their style again, and I am … More

o hai

This is the funniest lolcat I’ve seen yet … :) If the joke is lost on you, check out this … More

out of commission

There’s nothing I don’t like more on my blog than posting notices that basically say, “I’m busy, and that’s why … More

friday night flicks

I keep forgetting to mention this, but if you’re in Salt Lake City (Utah, that is), there’s a great chance … More


I went to the dollar theater last night and watched TMNT.  I’d been meaning to see it for a while, … More

can't sleep

I have been having a really hard time sleeping lately.  I think it’s been adding up for a couple of … More