transcode and dvd::rip

New versions of transcode and dvd::rip just went into the tree.  Transcode saw its first stable bugfix release (1.0.3) for the first time in a year and a half.  Woots!  The 1.1.0 release of transcode is apparently just around the corner, too, so hopefully we’ll see that soon.

I haven’t had any luck getting dvd::rip to work with the newer branch (though I haven’t updated my snapshot lately, either), but I know it’s support is planned.

Anyway, give them both a try … both very mature, good pieces of software.  I always encourage people to give transcode a try as an alternative to using MEncoder or ffmpeg.  There’s a learning curve, but well written man pages will help you out immensely.

One thought on “transcode and dvd::rip

  1. Hi Steve,
    and thanks for reporting news about transcode so regulary :)
    I’ve started myself using transcode in old good 0.6.x times because it seemed more logical and striaghtforward compared to mencoder. Unfortunately, now transcode was left behind a bit on feature set.

    A few words about my favorite topic, 1.1.0 (currently in CVS HEAD). Next release is near, but not so near unfortunately since I’ve finalized new architecture for multiple inputs, but coding and then testing is still missing :(

    I’d also like to encourage *every* regular transcode user to give a spin to 1.1.0. It is supposed to be *more stable* and usable than 1.0.x. We (transcode devs) always use last CVS HEAD for our everyday usage, not 1.0.x.

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