coming soon to my living room

It has been way too long since I did an update on all the cool DVDs that are coming soon, and there are a LOT of them, too. I’m super excited.

Recently Released

Yesterday, Murder, She Wrote, Season six came out on DVD. Can you believe this show ran for eleven seasons? Can you imagine the psychological impact of seeing someone murdered every week of your life for eleven years straight? How does that woman sleep at night? Who cares? It makes great TV!

This is actually one of my most favorite shows ever … and I have no idea why. I really like mystery dramas, and courtroom ones are my favorite. However, unlike courtroom dramas, Jessica Fletcher is a free-wheeling character who isn’t stuck finalizing the plot in the same place every week, so it’s nice because the formula isn’t quite the same, and I’m never sure who the killer is. Everytime I guess, I’m completely wrong, too.

I’ve been watching season four this week, and on one disc there were three really amazing episodes all in a row. I can’t remember now what they were … one was about a wine maker, I think. The cool thing though was that in at least two of them, the person you expected to get hacked off was not who you thought it would be! All three of them really threw me for a loop, and I thought it was cool, breaking out of the mold a bit. It was a lot of fun. There are a lot of great episodes.

The first season of Family Ties came out recently too … well, in February. It’s still on my “Coming Soon” wish list, which means I haven’t bought it yet, but was looking forward to it. I have a lot of wish lists. About 13, I think.

Some other cool stuff that just came out that I’ve gotta get is Batman Beyond, season three (released on my birthday, no less!), 7th Heaven, season four … which I griped about so much that they stopped releasing them after two seasons, and then I don’t go and buy them right away for some reason, and Teen Titans, the third season. One thing I really don’t like is when I have partial sets of stuff that’s already been released. I counted the other day, and there’s 11 of those. Gah. I gotta get caught up. Someone give me some money. :)

This is the coolest release of late though, the entire set of Brady Bunch episodes all in one sexy setup: shag carpet cover. I gotta get me one of those.

Unfortunately, the thing costs $90. Eek! I’m not that excited just yet.

Oh, but the coolest part of it of all is that it’s got some Brady movies on there, including “A Very Brady Christmas,” which deserves an entire post of its own someday.

Summarizing though, the entire Brady family comes home for Christmas, and each Brady kid is having problems in their lives, which naturally get solved over the magic of the season. Except for Dad Brady. Who gets caught in the collapse of a poorly constructed building and dies horribly. Maybe. Watch it for yourself.

Anyway, one of the couples is having marriage issues, and considering getting a divorce. Well, come Christmas morning the couple finally manages to work things out, and while they are talking about things in the bedroom, Mom Brady walks in on them. And then, she has the most classic line of them all … “You two can be late for breakfast.” I don’t know about you, but the thought of any Brady getting it on is enough to make me lose my lunch through a set of striped knee-high socks.

Another great one that just came out was season three of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

I was worried that Warner wasn’t going to release the other ones, since seasons one and two came out a long, long time ago and we hadn’t really seen much aside from the Dynomutt Hour and the Scooby Doo Movies. I’m glad though, that they are available again. That’s another one I gotta snap up soon.

Coming Soon

Sheesh, I certainly didn’t intend to write about stuff that had already come out .. it’s just that I haven’t been in acquisition mode lately at all, so I’m really behind on my regular collecting.

I did, however, update my collection online, and I had a lot more sets than I realized … and I know that list is still missing some I forgot to add. So, for now, I’m at least at 101 box sets. Crazy stuff. Just don’t ask me how many of them I’ve actually watched. I think I’ve sampled almost all of them, but I usually watch one at a time and stick to that for a while.

Still some cool stuff to come, though …

Get out your tan pants and bad puns, it’s time for CHiPs, another classic 70s sitcom that I can’t wait for. Man, I absolutely loved this show as a kid. It just speaks for itself in awesomeness. I thought it’d never hit DVD!

I have really vague memories of the show, actually. I can remember bits and pieces of it … but remember the nasty helmets pretty well. The opening sequence is great, too, both the music and how they cut to different parts of their bikes, their boots, etc. It must be fun to be a crazy California cop and have all those fun adventures.

Next up, it’s back from the 80s … Silver Spoons is making it as well. This is another great show I loved as a kid, and watched regularly. Looking back now, it occurs to me that maybe I watched a lot of TV regularly. Oh well, good times. :)

I liked this show a lot … I remember that much. I also remember being really jealous that this guy had a toy train running through his living room as well as some arcade games in there. What a crock! All we had was … uh, paintings.

Last one I’m gonna cover this time (and there’s lots more, believe me… I’m just running out of steam) is the Powerpuff Girls! Whee!

I can totally imagine the pitch for this show … “We’re going to have a cartoon about three little girls that are cute, and nice … and kick the living hamstercrap out of every villian and then giggle about it afterwards.”

If you haven’t seen this show, you are really missing out. It is so funny, because it’s so violent, and these girls really do beat the stuffing out of everyone (and get kicked around t themselves, time to time). Absolutely classic stuff. I hope stuff like Dexter’s Laboratory isn’t too far behind.

That’s it for this episode of Steve is poor and can’t afford anything, so sucks to be me. There really is a lot more cool stuff coming out, which I’ll cover later. In the meantime, I have to pay for other necessities of life… like … something.

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