thanks, charles

I finally gave the word to my friend, Charles Fry, to cut me loose from hosting so I can … More

transcode and dvd::rip

New versions of transcode and dvd::rip just went into the tree.  Transcode saw its first stable bugfix release (1.0.3) for … More migration

Something else I’m working on, related to alan-one, is I’m finally moving back to my own hosting so I … More

dvdnav forked

Good news. The folks at MPlayer have forked libdvdnav, the library responsible for navigating menus on DVDs.  Upstream has been … More

alan-one update

Something took my server offline recently, and I didn’t even notice it till last week, so I have no idea … More

temple square visit

I was walking around late last night on Temple Square, as I often do when I want to go somewhere … More