Right after I complained about how I don’t like blogging about bumps in portage, here I am writing another post about that same topic.  Well, this time this one is a package addition, so that doesn’t count, right?  Oh, who am I fooling.

Something I’ve been meaning to mention is that I added a new library to the tree the other day, media-libs/libnut.  NUT is a container format being developed by ffmpeg and mplayer developers.  At least, that’s what the multimedia wiki page says.

And now you know just about as much about as I do.

Actually, NUT is something I see mentioned all over the place, and I was always curious … where’s the code?  Where’s the packages?  Apparently, they’re in subversion.  So the ebuild is just the latest subversion snapshot.

There’s really not much you can do with it.  You can create a NUT file with nutmerge, though the video has to be MPEG4 and the audio MP3.  Watch out for funky errors, too.  It does work fine with MPlayer, too.  There’s no nut use flag on that ebuild, since I didn’t really feel like adding one for one thing, and since the library is in development as well.  But, if you install it, mplayer will automatically detect and add support for it.

Go on, have fun with it.

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