classic storytime records

I read about this website on Earl Kress’ blog the other day, and I just have to pass it along.

There’s this great website called Kiddie Records Weekly: Classics From the Golden Age which puts up a cover scan and an audio MP3 of old time story records from back in the day. I am in heaven, can I tell you what?

Anyone whose read my blog for more than a few minutes will know that I’m very nostalgic. I loved stories and fairy tales as a kid, and as an adult I appreciate them even more for their quality, simplicity and entertainment. I remember we used to have an old, brown portable Fisher Price record player that we would listen to all kinds of stories on. I’ve recently started to collect some old ones myself, in hopes of recording them to MP3 (similar to how this guy has done it) to preserve the audio. And by “start to collect” I mean I’ve bought one on eBay and my Mom sent me one from home. I haven’t really gotten into it yet, but my DVD collecting is winding down quickly (movies, at least) so it’s time to move onto other stuff.

One thing I absolutely love about these old story books is the artwork. It is just some of the most amazing stuff I have ever seen. I absolutely love it.

I really love listening to audio stories, too. I’ve been hooked on Old Time Radio since I first heard some a long time ago as a teenager, and that’s one of the main reasons I subscribe to XM Radio today, is for their Radio Classics channel that plays it around the clock.

I kinda wish his website had an RSS feed, that would be kind of cool. It might not be hard to set one up with a cron job and a little imagination, though. We’ll see.

Ah, man. This is one of those subjects that I just can’t talk about enough. I’ve really got to get my collection started before too long. There’s a lot of great stuff out there, and I’m glad that someone else is also doing something to see that they are well preserved.

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