transcode snapshots

I just put a new version of transcode in the tree, this time a CVS snapshot of upstream’s development branch (v1.1.0).

It won’t work with dvd::rip, though, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it. Besides, look at this as a perfect chance to get familiar with finally learning some CLI arguments and really learning to command your applications. That’s where all the fun is, anyway. :)

After a quick glance, it looks like the man page has a few errors. Nothing major, just small parts of it are incomplete. Actually, everything seems much cleaner, really. The output of transcode is a little nicer, and the man page seems trimmed down and more organized. I noticed while writing the ebuild that a few options were dropped in this branch, and a few other things added as well. I’m interested to take a look at it sometime and get a closer look at what’s improved. I haven’t played with encoding stuff in a long time, since I’ve kind of given up on my idea of having a massive library of encoded files on my mythbox. Truth be told, I don’t mind changing discs at all. I’m sure my position would change, though if I had some rugrats who enjoyed putting DVDs in the toaster or something like that. All in good time, though.

One thing is for certain — writing ebuilds of development snapshots is not nearly as easy as I thought. Configuration options change quite a bit, and you have to test things pretty thoroughly. I’m glad for the experience, though, that’s for sure. I feel like I’m getting a little better at it after each one.

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