newsfeed tag

I’ve been tagged by Aaron to post my RSS newsfeeds, and here they are, a dump from my Liferea collection. … More

aquarium visit

Today during lunch, I went down to The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. They are building a huge one in … More


Right after I complained about how I don’t like blogging about bumps in portage, here I am writing another post … More

no more cookies

About a week ago, I was poking through my browser preferences for some reason or another, and I decided I … More

happy birthday, jerk

Well, today’s my birthday. I bought myself something cool just now. I got the score to Star Trek II: The … More

transcode snapshots

I just put a new version of transcode in the tree, this time a CVS snapshot of upstream’s development branch … More

multimedia bumpage

I don’t usually like talking about writing about stuff that I’m just bumping in the tree, but since there’s been … More