gpnl updates

I made a few updates to GPNL on some things that were nagging me a bit. The search page is a lot cleaner now, and easier to read. On the ebuild page, it lists dependencies for that package. The reason those are listed as incomplete is because there are still some virtual and moved packages that I’m not importing into the database.

That’s about all the real changes right now, the rest of it is just cosmetic. The good news is I finally got a working copy of pkgcore’s pcheck and paludis’ brutalis, so very soon I’ll be importing those QA results into my database and be displaying them.

I’ve got some other stuff coming down the pipe, but don’t want to promise too much, too soon.

One thought on “gpnl updates

  1. I realize you’re probably busy, but I just wanted to check in through different means in case there was a problem with my email.

    I’d like to help, especially with amd64 stuff, but I’m kind of clueless as to where to start. Can you give any pointers as to where I might find help on gettng started with gpnl?

    I’m assuming these can’t be scripted, otherwise that would have already been written by now?

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