pulling the plug

Well, it looks like I’m going to be pulling the plug on my vpslink account here pretty soon.  Nothing against them at all.  In fact, I love their service, but what I’m trying to do is really pushing the limits for the account level I signed up for.  I’m sure most people aren’t running apache / lighttpd, postgresql, mysql, php and trac.

I did learn a lot about running Gentoo in a low memory environment, though.  Mainly, it sucks.  Secondly, it’s a little hard.  If they had let me set my own swap space, I imagine I wouldn’t have had nearly as many problems, but oh well.  I really wanted it to work out, but everytime I optimize things, something else dies because there isn’t enough memory.  It’s just not worth the runaround.

For the record, I did try lighttpd as well.  After I slapped on half my setup from apache, it was still using about the same amount of memory.  And I couldn’t really tell a difference in speed.  Besides, I’m not really that motivated to switch.  As my good friend Jason said to me this morning when I asked for his take on it, “as soon as apache stops being absolutely amazing, I’ll start looking into something else.”  I couldn’t agree more.

So for now I’m moving things back home to my trusty little pentium4 server, which is now doubling as my mythtv box as well … I finally got that all setup.  I only have to tweak a few things on my remote and beat the keypress events into submission.  That second one is going to be fun, because once again MythTV enjoys reinventing the wheel again just to torture me — the keypress mappings are saved *in the database* instead of a handy dandy text file somewhere in ~/.mythtv.  Gosh, ripping on mythtv again … it almost feels like I’m back into full swing.

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