giving thanks

Something I find interesting lately, is that with the Playstation 3 coming out, I haven’t seen hardly any positive press … More

ivtv-0.8.1 released

Just another quick Gentoo public service announcement. Hans released a new version of ivtv, v0.8.1, and this comes with a … More

icewind dale

I’ve been re-repping all my music CDs (again), this time to MP3s because I want to be able to listen … More

title of liberty

Reading my scriptures this morning, I came upon Alma 46 (in the Book of Mormon). This is the chapter where … More

postgresql functions

One thing I love about (advanced) databases is that you can write functions. They speed up the query time quite … More

portage in postgresql

Well, I’m bored, so I figured I’d spill the beans on a project I’ve been keeping under wraps for a … More