the system is down

Oy, I’ve been having my share of computer problems lately, least of all have been with my website (if you … More

batman begins

I have a old score that’s starting to grow on me. I bought the Batman Begins soundtrack when it first … More

jack and the beanstalk

I watched Jack and the Beanstalk last night.  It was a great flick.  I haven’t seen the movie in at … More

poking at my pchdtv

I got my pcHDTV 5500 card back from Jason last night, and I’ve been playing around with it today with … More

mplayer pvr testing

Well, I spent most of the night testing the new mplayer pvr support. I ran into problems, and had to … More

mplayer pvr support

I just barely got pvr support working on my mplayer installation at home working … on my lunch break. :) … More

mythtv comments

Thanks to all the comments I got on my last posts. I apologize they didn’t show up earlier, but my … More

mythtv recant

Well, after calming down a bit after my last post (and Cardoe debunking most of my issues, thanks man), I’m … More