a small comics trip

This entry is going to be a short little ditty since I’m at home being sick, and I can’t really think straight. I did want to at least get a small note up about this, though.

I read Scott McCloud’s online webcomic of “Hearts and Minds” today. I’ve been meaning to finish reading that for a while now. My timeline might be whacked, but I swear I remember when he first put that online, though that doesn’t seem to jive just right, since I would have been in Argentina at the time. But, whatever.

It was great stuff, though. I used to have the Zot books, volumes one and two, once upon a time. I probably sold them off in one of those phases of life where I was either completely broke or just cleaning out everything. I wish I had a copy, now.

That got me thinking about how much I used to be into comics, though. Man, was I ever. My favorites are the old EC Comics reprints of the sci-fi and horror stories. If you read too many of them though, the lettering starts to really bother you.

I grew up on comic books though. The first graphic novels I started reading were the Sandman series (gosh, that was a long time ago), but those were a little too graphic for me — I have a really low threshold for gore and bloody violence. I haven’t really picked up any since. I should find some.

I’ve got a box full of some old Gold Key comics I started collecting about a year ago. The Walt Disney ones are great stories. Nothing they’re putting out today compares, although that’s not saying much. Even for their time, though, the stories were better than anything else they had going in any other medium (I’m talking about movies).

I also discovered some Twilight Zone comics which are great, pretty much in the same vein as the EC comic books, but these are actually a tad more extreme in some cases. Still, they are a real treat. Great stories, cool colors.

I gotta get back into getting some comics again. The great thing about it is it gets me into *reading* which I never do, anyway. There’s just so much good stuff out there, too. Craziness.

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